Isn’t it obvious?

Put some sarcasm in your stationery

be clean, be organised, be hilarious

Clean Humour Diaries, Notebooks, and organisers, for your weird sense of humour

fancy Being uninspired?

For those days you don’t want to feel inspired. Check out our collection of uninspirational notebooks. 120 versatile, practical, and definitely not inspirational pages. 60 hilarious, uninspirational sayings. Celebrate your mundanity, with our collection of notebooks.
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Embrace the humour, fight the choas

Brighten your day and keep yourself organised with our Uncommon Daily Organiser.
90 dateless entries and a flexible design for you to use however suits your fancy. Check it out today!

Clean humour stationery for homes and workplaces

But Why?

Soap and Sarcasm Uncommon Daily Organiser on desk with pen


While we love a witty saying, sarcastic jibe or the occasional insult, we also like our humour to be clean and good for work. No crude jokes or swearing here.

Daily Organiser Funny Sarcastic Saying


Here at Soap and Sarcasm, we firmly believe that the best approach to dealing with life is to laugh at it. We design our products to help you do just that.

Soap and Sarcasm Journals and Notebooks in a stack


Every body uses their stationery differently, so we try our best to design products that are functional and flexible. So you can use them however you like.

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