About us

Welcome to soap and sarcasm

We are a small start up business, designing and selling funny stationery, from somewhere in Rural-ish Australia. We’re a tiny operation that runs our business from home, and fair warning, we’re new at this.

We don’t always know what we’re doing, but we’re doing it anyway.

life is too short for boring Stationery.

We do Stationery. We do Humour. And we don’t do boring.

We do stationery because we can’t live without it. We design functional, flexible stationery to help you organise your life, or at least try to.

We do clean, workplace friendly humour, because some people actually don’t like swearing. And we make it different, because one-size doesn’t fit all, no matter how hard you try.

And above all, we don’t do boring. We’ve tried normal notebooks, pretty notebooks, and notebooks with fancy motivational sayings, but they don’t suit us. We’d much rather have the sarcasm. We make funny stationery because funny is simply better. No hard feelings.

But there’s more to it than that.

Laugh at life, it deserves it.

Here at Soap and Sarcasm, we firmly believe that having a good sense of humour is one of life’s essentials.

Life can be tough, it can be painful, and it can be really, really weird. But sometimes the best thing you can do to deal with it, is to find something to laugh at. Laugh at the pile of work you can’t possibly get finished, smile in the face of ever-approaching deadlines, make a joke as everything starts to go horribly, horribly wrong.

And while laughing at your problems won’t actually make them go away, it sure can help make you feel better. A single smile, or one good laugh can flip your whole mood around, and brighten up a dark day. And here and Soap and Sarcasm, we aim to do just that.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

You’re Welcome.

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