There’s nothing worse than waiting ages for your amazing product to arrive, only to have it not be amazing. No one likes it when a product arrives damaged or faulty, the refund process is a hassle for everyone, and while we hope you never have to use it, below we have outlined how our refund policy works.

Our Policy

This policy outlines Soap and Sarcasm’s position on refunds, returns and replacements, in dealing with goods with major failures, according to Australian Consumer Law.

Before making a purchase pleased read this policy so you understand what you can expect from us if there is a major fault in your product.

The Australian Consumer Law can be viewed at

policy details

We do not offer refunds for change of mind purchases or for products with minor flaws. Only for products with major failures that render the item unusable, according to Australian Consumer Law.

We do not accept returns. Customers should not send us any faulty products. Any costs incurred by the individual if they do return a product will not be reimbursed.

In the case of a product with a major failure, we may offer to replace the product with one of the same (reorder the product), according to our Print-On-Demand supplier’s policy.

Customers may be eligible for a refund (cost of product + relevant shipping fees) if the product cannot be replaced.

Ideally the window for replacements is 30 days after date of shipment (in accordance with our supplier’s policy). However, this window may be extended if the product arrives late due to long shipping times.

To process a replacement or refund for a faulty product, contact us via email, Please include your order number, so we can identify your purchase, the details of the product in question and a photo of the major failure or damage.

A photo of the faulty product is required, and is used to organise things with our suppliers. If you email us about a replacement, we will ask you for a photo before we can process your claim.

We only offer replacements or refunds for products when the major failure or damage occurred before use, either due to problems during manufacture or shipping.

Because we are selling print on demand products, any refunds or replacements needed due to major failures in the shipping or manufacturing process, need to be processed according to the policy of our various suppliers. This makes the process slightly more complicated, but we take care of this for you. For most of our products, the preferred way of addressing a major failure will be offering you a product replacement (reorder) with a refund being the secondary option.

If you have questions, concerns or have received a product with a major failure, contact us via email at and we’ll see what we can do.

What do you need to do?

  1. Check your products when they arrive to make sure they printed okay. 
  2. If any products have major failures or damage that makes them unusable, take a picture of it on the unused product. 
  3. Send us an email, include your order number, The date it shipped (if you know it) the item you want replaced, and a photo of the damage or fault and we’ll get things started. 
  4. If it’s within 30 days since shipment, we contact our suppliers and they will send you out another one free of charge. If they can’t send out another one, we’ll give you a refund. 
  5. If it’s after 30 days since shipment, because the postage took too long, let us know in your email, and we’ll see what we can do.

It’s disappointing for everyone when a product arrives broken or damaged, but if you’re confused, just send us an email and we’ll do our best to get your problem solved. 

Policy updates

This policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

If you have any queries or complaints about our policy, please contact us at:

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